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Q. Tell me about Venetian Plastering. Is this the same as the DIY products and techniques you see in stores and on TV?

A. Veneshe uses FirmoluxTM plasters, 100% natural lime materials imported from Italy. Unlike the DIY products found in stores, our plasters do not contain resins, chemical additives, petroleum product  or artificial binders that give the DIY products an almost plasticized effect. Artificial plaster is like thick paint, and usually dries with little to or no depth which makes it difficult to copy the look of natural plasters. Sometimes applied with a trowel (like authentic Italian plasters) and sometimes applied like paint, these faux finishes don't have nearly the depth and color variation of the real deal, and the full range of plastering techniques available to applicators working with authentic plasters are not available with synthetic formulations.

Our FirmoLux system of products is made in Italy and is an all-natural lime plaster that is made from marble, lime and other natural aggregates. Most importantly, our materials are completely authentic, safe and will last forever--just like they do in Italy.


Q. What makes these products "Green?"

1. FirmoLux is a green, environmentally-friendly building product with 0-VOC's and LEED point qualified depending on conditions of application and other materials used.  

2. Compared to synthetic or acrylic plasters, authentic lime plasters inhibit and prevent bacteria growth on the surface, which eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew.

3. As a result of eliminating mold spores, it is hypoallergenic, not allowing allergy spores to live longer during allergy seasons and leaves a healthier living environment.

4. The color permeates throughout the product and we use natural color pigment that is embedded into the plaster and not simply applied on the surface.

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Benefits of Plaster


What are some of the benefits of using natural plasters?

1. Lime plaster will age gracefully, and in most cases, lasts many years longer than painted or synthetic surfaces.

2. Natural llime plaster is an excellent sound barrier and insulator.  Natural plasters will reduce the amount of humidity in a room by absorbing moisture which then evaporates off the surface over time.

3. Italian plaster will help keep a fire contained. Since it does not burn like painted or synthetic surfaces, it does not allow a fire to spread as quickly within a room.

4. Natural plasters are easy to maintain and keep clean.

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