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There are over 4 million web search results for Italian plaster projects, but we like to think you'll find some of the finest examples of plaster artistry in our Italian Plaster Gallery.  Here's a little secret: while Stucco Veneziano or Venetian plaster is perhaps the best known of the Italian plasters, there is amazing variety, depth and complexity that can be achieved using the authentic, traditional Italian plasters like Marmorino, Sahara, Piatto, Berlina, Corallo and Ravina Italian plasters. These plasters are just a tiny bit coarser owing to their formulation, including the amount of marble dust and natural aggregates that give the plasters their classic sparkle or slight sheen. As the project photos attest, this makes them highly versatile wall and ceiling finishes capable of evoking many different styles and moods.

Italian plaster works beautifully on walls and ceilings that are meant to be elegant without being upstaging. The projects we feature in our Italian Plaster Gallery demonstrate how well traditional Italian plaster applications can be enhanced with other decorative elements like buon fresco, murals, custom wood work and mosaics. For example, the show-stopping "Versailles" bedroom pictured above includes a very subtle patterned Marmorino plaster paired with a custom seiling mural and border in the trompe l'oeil decorative painting style. The same soft blue of the Marmorino is seen again in the painted sky that appears to peak through an elegant lattice, providing a view to the heavens above.

Other Italian plaster projects featured in our gallery include several of our "Featured Projects" for various designer show homes. Browse through our project photos for detailed images that show off the textures and tonal variations that speak to our artistry. Every project is one of a kind, the result of our close collaboration with our clients and passion for our art.  

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