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The outlook is good for Venetian plaster

After a bit of a slowdown over the past few years, we've noticed a trend that bodes well for the economy - dmarmorino-piattoemand is again rising for Venetian plaster. We are finding ourselves booked out longer than usual, with larger projects in process and on the horizon that we are eager to share as work progresses.


Announcing our 2013 Venetian Plaster Course in Italy

veneshe-venetian-plasterApril in Tuscany...the ancient earth smells fresh and new as the sky turns vivid blue, flowers begin blooming and birds begin singing...and you are waking up in a storybook farm home nestled in the hills of Tuscany. There's no mistaking the terra cotta tiles and old wood beams on the ceiling, the heavy carved wooden furniture, the cool terra cotta tiles underfoot, the window shutters thrown wide open to the Tuscan sun. You are in Italy.


2012 Princeton and SOTA Designer Showhouses

From Allentown to Princeton, the showhouse goes on!



We are happy to announce that we've been selected as designers for two upcoming Designer Showhouses this Spring.  What makes Designer Showhouse projects so much fun is that they start with fascinating  properties that are completely transformed over the course of a month by scores of the area's finest interior designers, landscapers and craftsmen.  Empty spaces, often devoid of character but for their architectural value suddenly become warm, inviting, dramatic. Designer House visitors marvel over the before pictures as they walk through rooms now bursting with color, creativity and personality. 


Announcing 2012 Venetian Plaster Courses with Veneshe

venetianplasterschool-21It happens every year. You think to yourself - "I'm finally going to redo the dining room in Venetian plaster" or "My goal this year is to redo the kitchen and I love the look of Italian plaster but don't know where to begin"...Then life gets in the way, unexpected expenses crop up, projects get postponed, and suddenly you're taking down holiday decorations and looking at the same blah walls or awful wallpaper.  This year will be different, you resolve.  Well, we have a suggestion - sign up for a DIY class in how to apply FirmoLuxTM Italian plaster with Veneshe Master Venetian Plastering.


cb6ocwLive, from Italy

As our 2011 Venetian plaster training & restoration project wraps up, we're grateful for the warm hospitality of our hostess, Giulietta, our friends in Panzano in Chianti, and our students, who did a wonderful job! We look forward to sharing our before and after photos of Giulietta's dining room, plastered in a smooth Marmorino Sahara in a soft golden tone. Walls that were once simply finished in a rough, white plaster now glow with suffused color and a silky feel. A hint of interest and light variation in tone fits the rich history of Fagiolari, a restored 12th century farmhouse in Tuscany.

Stay tuned for our announcement of our 2012 Venetian Plaster class in Italy!

Venetian Plaster Brings Beauty to Business

While much of our Venetian plastering takes place in clients' homes, Veneshe also provides commercial decorative  plastering services to local nyc-muralbusinesses. Some of Veneshe's recent clients include a restaurant in Manyunk, Philadelphia, a catering hall in Northeast Philadelphia, and Photography Studio in the Lehigh Valley. We've also done work for kitchen and tile showrooms in Bucks County and Northern New Jersey, giving patrons of those businesses an opportunity to view our unique plaster finishes alongside custom cabinetry and tile.  And we recently teamed up with our friends, Bella Pintura, to transform an inner courtyard wall for a Manhattan physicians' practice, with a trompe l'oeil mural and exterior wall treatment.


For modern interiors, nothing beats polished Venetian plaster

midnight-blue-polished-plasterAs a wall finish that has withstood the test and tastes of time, polished Venetian plaster is as evocative of luxurious old world palazzos as it is of modern style.  We find our clients about evenly split between a preference for textured, old world finishes and classic Grassello di Calce, the impeccably smooth, translucent finish that polished to a high luster and shine. There's something so amazing about the way the natural lime, or calce, having cured back to stone, feels to the touch, creating a beautiful, breathable, natural surface. The depths of color and movement created by the plaster application creates a surface veneer that one can look deeply into (as opposed to looking at a painted surface, which even when blended with multiple colors or faux techniques, is still flat).


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