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Venetian Plaster Yoga Room is the talk of the Bucks County Designer House Gala

showhouse-featureMay 2, 2010 -- High-heeled and well-heeled guests at the Gala Opening of the 2010 Bucks County Designer House who made it upstairs to the attic space were captivated by the peaceful serenity which  seemed to emanate from the Personal Retreat Room created by Veneshe Master Venetian Plastering and Bella Pintura. "Every mom needs a room like this! " exclaimed one guest, to which her friend protested, "no, every woman should have a room like this!"

Guests were drawn into the narrow space, immediately noticing the soft flooring underfoot, created with RS CreteTM applied over the original linoleum, plastered and hand colored to look like natural paving stones.  A tromp l'oeil canvas floor cloth, painted in the design of an ancient roman labyrinth,  blends perfectly with the floor.

Looking upward, many guests were drawn to the organic Venetian Plaster finishes applied to the walls and ceiling. Veneshe used a two layer creamy Marmorino Venetian Plaster

on the steeply slanted walls, using a skip trowel technique which created a natural and rustic appearance. On the focal wall, a multi layer Tuscan Stone finish was created in Venetian Plaster, whose polished luster sparkled with bits of marble dust and gold mica.


Bella Pintura painted a trompe l'oeil scene right onto the Venetian plaster, and the guests were urged to touch the polished surface and experience the coolness of the Veneziano lime plaster, which had cured back into stone. The polished plaster surface created by the Stucco Grassello contrasts beautifully with the subtle movement of the matte Italian plaster finishes. Fountains from Designs for Tranquility in Frenchtown NJ created a soothing sound which put guests at ease.

lori-ruth-hollyLori Blomstrom and Holly Scott were available to answer questions about the wall treatments,  while yoga instructor Ruth Bishop Vargo was on hand to greet guests interested in learning more about yoga. Lori and Holly collaborate on many high end designer projects, incorporating their respective arts training in Italy and love of Italian style.  The room was a perfect way to showcase their Venetian Plaster finishes, murals, and surface treatments while designing a serene space from which to escape life's hectic pace. Ruth, who recently opened Yoga-Bodhi Studio, will be available on weekends during the month of May to share the many benefits of incorporating yoga and meditation into one's life.

Back on the show  house grounds, guests and designers were overheard discussing the originality and serenity of the "Yoga Room."  It seemed that everyone wanted to ditch the high heels and head up to the room for meditation or a massage. From the excited chatter, it is a room not to be missed.

Veneshe and Bella Pintura will also be available throughout the month of May to discuss Italian plasters, custom murals and designer finishes and to answer questions about their design and contracting services. Designers, decorative painters and home owners are also encouraged to ask about learning how to apply Venetian Plaster at one of Veneshe's upcoming plaster classes in PA, or at our Fall Advanced Applicator Training in Italy.

The Bucks County Designer House and Gardens at Fieldstone Farm in Furlong runs through May 30. Be sure to visit the Designer Show House website for tickets and information. You can also read about the Show House in the Doylestown Intelligencer.

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