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As winter descends, plan now for Tuscany April 9-16



As we prepare to turn back the clock this weekend, and stores begin their holiday advertising, it gets harder to think past the blur that is the final 9 weeks of the year.  But before holiday advertising starts to invade our consciousness with thoughts of things, allow us to suggest an experience that makes for an even more rewarding gift – the experience of a Tuscany Arts Vacation this spring.

Veneshe’s Introduction to Venetian Plastering class in Italy takes place in the beautiful walled city of Montepulciano, just south of Siena, April 9-16, 2011.  The class setting is an idyllic villa, set on a vineyard just outside the city.  Training, materials, accommodations, touring and meals are included in the price. 

Half-day class sessions are held on-site, and structured to teach three of our most popular plaster finishes.  Students will start with a rustic Tuscan Mezzo plaster technique that we’ve found to be popular on range hoods and sunrooms.  Next, we’ll teach application and materials for Marmorino Classico, a refined wall and ceiling Italian plaster treatment often requested by interior designers and homeowners for living rooms and bedrooms. Our final plaster finish will be a polished Venetian plaster finish, Stucco Grassello; this is a beautiful choice for elegant foyers, dining rooms, ceilings, and baths.

“Building the trip around an art class turns a vacation into an experience” says Joan Hill, founder of Tuscany: a Journey for the Senses and sponsor of Veneshe’s spring plastering class in Italy. Living and learning in a beautiful, romantic setting; enjoying special experiences like a private tour and wine tasting at the owner’s own vineyard and freshly prepared meals at the villa and local restaurants; having the opportunity to work on a Venetian plastering project and still see the most famous sites and attractions –all reduce the sense of oneself as a tourist and allow one to settle comfortably into la dolce vita. The combination makes for a unique and rewarding experience that you can’t find anywhere else, and a new skill that you can take home with you.

The deadline for registering is January 15. With the holiday season just around the corner, the time to make plans for this spring is now. When you make your holiday wish list this year, we suggest you click here to make sure that Venetian Plaster Training in Tuscany is at the top of the list.


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