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Veneshe Plastering announces October 2011 Venetian Plaster Class in Italy


If you've been dreaming of learning Italian plaster or of taking your Venetian plastering skills to new levels, then consider joining Veneshe for a one of a kind arts vacation and plaster training experience in Tuscany!

This October 22-29, Veneshe returns to Italy with 6-8 students who will restore the plaster walls of a room in Tuscany, mastering Venetian plaster techniques from start to finish. The plaster training classes are interspersed with free time for exploring the countryside and sumptuous, gourmet meals prepared by the hostess and renowned chef at our little villa in the country.

It's a remarkable way to get to know Tuscany at an intimate level not possible as a tourist. The feeling of accomplishment and pride at having completed an actual Venetian plaster project in Italy, that always becomes the talk of the town, is just amazing. 

Veneshe instructors Lori Blomstrom and Donnamarie Mazzola

The camaraderie between students, instructors and the Italians you'll get to know on this trip makes for an unforgettable adventure.

The cost for the Venetian plaster class, 7 nights accommodations, and half board starts as low as US $2200, with discounted rates for couples taking the class together and non-student companions. A 4 day course in Italian plastering in the US is over $1000, making our plastering course in Italy an incredible value!

Register by August 1, 2011 and take $100 off the student fee. Learn More about our Venetian plaster course in Italy.

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