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For modern interiors, nothing beats polished Venetian plaster

midnight-blue-polished-plasterAs a wall finish that has withstood the test and tastes of time, polished Venetian plaster is as evocative of luxurious old world palazzos as it is of modern style.  We find our clients about evenly split between a preference for textured, old world finishes and classic Grassello di Calce, the impeccably smooth, translucent finish that polished to a high luster and shine. There's something so amazing about the way the natural lime, or calce, having cured back to stone, feels to the touch, creating a beautiful, breathable, natural surface. The depths of color and movement created by the plaster application creates a surface veneer that one can look deeply into (as opposed to looking at a painted surface, which even when blended with multiple colors or faux techniques, is still flat).

 For clients with a taste for modern design, clean lines and bold, saturated colors, a polished Venetian plaster in the Veneziano style is often a great choice. The level of movement visible in the finish is controlled by the plastering technique - some clients prefer the marble-like quality that movement imparts, while others opt for a minimalist approach with very little of the applicator's "hand" showing in the final surface. Tinting using natural earth pigments is another variable that can be manipulated by the plaster artisan to produce a wide variety of Venetian plaster colors, from elegant neutrals which are very popular now, to rich, bold shades that make a statement. We find that most of our clients also request a final waxed coat over the Venetian plaster, to add an additional layer of protection as well as an even higher level of shine.

yellow-and-blue-polished-plasterIn addition to decorating walls, Venetian plaster ceilings are a popular way to add large-scale interest and drama to one's decor, without competing with art or patterned soft furnishings. The added bonus is that richly polished plaster ceilings catch and reflect both natural and artificial light, for two completely different, and complimentary taupe-polished-plastereffects.  A room with a polished Venetian plaster ceiling muliplies the daylight, drawing the eye upward and elongating the walls. In the evening, a rope light, tucked behind crown molding, or a chandelier softly dimmed, illuminates a Venetian plaster ceiling with a romantic, flickering glow. Here are a few examples of a polished Venetian plaster ceiling: a stunning Langhorne kitchen with a Venetian plaster ceiling, a child's bedroom with a Venetian plaster ceiling, and a bathroom in Doylestown with a Venetian plaster ceiling.

If you like the look of polished Venetian plaster, we invite you to explore our Venetian plaster gallery and our collection of Venetian plaster finishes. Contact us for more information about how we can help you achieve the look that is uniquely you!






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