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Announcing 2012 Venetian Plaster Courses with Veneshe

venetianplasterschool-21It happens every year. You think to yourself - "I'm finally going to redo the dining room in Venetian plaster" or "My goal this year is to redo the kitchen and I love the look of Italian plaster but don't know where to begin"...Then life gets in the way, unexpected expenses crop up, projects get postponed, and suddenly you're taking down holiday decorations and looking at the same blah walls or awful wallpaper.  This year will be different, you resolve.  Well, we have a suggestion - sign up for a DIY class in how to apply FirmoLuxTM Italian plaster with Veneshe Master Venetian Plastering.

Since we're all about the organic, Italian stuff - real lime, genuine marble flour, natual earth pigments - we're not talking about learning to apply a slurry of paint and silica powder from a can with a trowel, or burnish with sandpaper and protect with polyurethane. You can go to a big box store for that and leave with some very pricey gallons of faux plaster that will come to look as dated as the old faux finishes of the last decade. No we're talking about the real deal, as my recent blog post suggests.

When you learn how to Venetian plaster with Veneshe, you learn from a master applicator, using real, imported Italian plasters and authentic, time-honored techniques. You learn about all the health, ecological and aesthetic benefits of using genuine, natural plasters. And you'll never look at faux plasters the same way again.

 We offer 1 and 2 day Venetian plaster courses in our studio in Pennsylvania, conveniently located midway between New York City and Philadelphia, where we teach the fundamentals of Venetian plaster using all natural lime plasters from Italy. Lively, intimate, hands-on training has brought together architects and interior designers, decorative painters and Venetian plaster professional applicators, students and homeowners looking to learn the basic skills needed for DIY Venetian plaster projects. We provide all materials, feed you lunch, demonstrate technique and then guide you step by step through the process of learning it yourself. You leave with sample boards, inspiration and most importantly, confidence to undertake your next project. and we can hook you up with whatever materials and supplies you need to get started.

So why wait, and let a million other things get in the way? Check out our 2012 Venetian plaster course schedule, and sign up for a class today!


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