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The outlook is good for Venetian plaster

After a bit of a slowdown over the past few years, we've noticed a trend that bodes well for the economy - dmarmorino-piattoemand is again rising for Venetian plaster. We are finding ourselves booked out longer than usual, with larger projects in process and on the horizon that we are eager to share as work progresses.

This is also good news for professionals in the trade, especially those looking to broaden their repertoire by adding Venetian plastering to their portfolio. This is a great time to sign up for one of our two fall Venetian plaster courses. And it's not too early to get on board for our 2013 Venetian plaster training course in Tuscany - we promise a unique and unforgettable learning experience that builds confidence in plaster application in the context of an amazing vacation in Italy.

Because of its durability, fade resistance and timeless beauty, real Venetian plaster is a life-long finish. Rather than being content with latex paint, we're seeing more and more people express interest in our more luxurious and unique finishes.

While the popularity of faux has been fading and wallpaper is starting to make a small comeback, clients who see some of the amazing decorative effects that can be achieved with imported lime plasters have been opting for a more natural approach.

We're also noticing a heightened interest in other eco-friendly lime products, including natural milk paints, for which we are approved contractors.  Lime washes and authentic Italian plasters, combined with our frescoes, gilding, modellos, murals, and even mosaics are all options we are able to present to clients as part of our comprehensive design services.

 Grab a trowel, or give us a call. We look forward to sharing our passion for plaster with you!


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