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Veneshe's Signature Plaster Project Gallery

We can't wait to share our Signature Plaster pictures with you! These plaster projects demonstrate artistry and application techniques that are exciting, unique and in most cases labor and materials intensive.  As you can see from these photos, the results are worth the time and effort it takes to create them. Take a look!

Innovative plaster techniques are the focus of our Signature Plaster Gallery. For example, the Tuscan plaster projects we feature include lime washes and stencils which can either age the look or elevate the effect. Our signature Tuscan Stone finish is an intensive multi layer dimensional plaster finish that evokes the look and feel of natural stone. Our rustic Tuscan plasters also take center stage in this gallery, owing to their versatility in both residential and commercial applications. The delicate Mantova plaster finish is also featured in our Signature Plaster Gallery, owing to its historic authenticity, rare materials and the meticulous application technique required to achieve the dramatic vermillion and gold effect seen in ancient Italian villas. Finally, our use of the Sgraffitto technique of etching designs into wet plaster is beautifully demonstrated in a plaster border treatment featured in this gallery.

We invite you to allow your imagination to soar as you browse this gallery and imagine how these finishes might look on your own project's walls or ceilings. Look, enjoy, and give us a call to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you!       

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