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If you have been scouring the web for images of Venetian plaster projects, we invite you to spend some time browsing our Venetian Plaster Gallery. We hope you'll find inspiration for every room of your home or business. Perhaps one of our client projects catches your eye because the color, depth and tone of the polished plaster captures the essence of what you imagine for your own project. Or maybe it's something about the Venetian plaster coupled with the architectural design elements we've incorporated into the project, or something about the particular wall or ceiling finish that evokes a feeling you want to apply to your own setting, in your own personal way. Whatever it is that sparks the creative process, please share it with us. We are as much experts at taking the tiniest spark of a creative idea and building on it to become a truly one of a kind showcase project, as we are fully capable of executing an architect or designer specification to the letter.  

True Venetian plastering is uniquely reflective of the artisan's creativity and skills and the client's wishes. Because Venetian plastering is an art form and custom application using a natural product, the variations and options are endless. In our Venetian plaster gallery, you will find project work that includes multiple pass finishes, bi-colore finishes, custom natural wax finishes over Grassello di Calce plaster, modellos and stencils, and even designs that utilize many kinds of Venetian and Italian plasters together. You'll see projects that include walls and ceilings in the famous style of Stucco Veneziano, as well as the sophisticated Stucco Milano and Stucco Rasatura. What you won't find here are faux plasters, out of a can. Yes, we can apply those if that's what you want, and we can make them look really good. But they don't compare to the natural and lasting beauty, breathability, and durability of authentic, imported Venetian plasters which we feature exclusively in our plaster galleries.

These beautiful decorative plaster finishes are equally stunning in residential and commercial applications. Browsing through our project galery, you'll find our Venetian plaster finishes in every room, in homes big and small, from bedrooms and bathrooms, to living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and hallways. Other projects include feature walls, intricate ceiling designs and even offices in brilliant Venetian plaster colors.

Got questions? Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.     

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