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New! Venetian Plaster Student Kits for Sale

Choose from our Economy, Standard, and Deluxe Student kits. Practice what you've learned in class, or try out a sampling of our FirmoLux plasters on your own.

venetian-plaster-training-instituteSo, you want to give our real lime plasters from Italy a try. Or you're waiting to take one of our classes and can't wait to get started. Or you've taken one of our classes and now are wondering why you passed on the student kit, because now you're ready to get serious about starting your project.  Whatever the situation, we've got you covered.

We've taken the guesswork and hassle out of assembling student kits of our most popular plasters, tints and supplies, and created 3 different options to match your ambitions and aspirations (or at least your material needs).

Ranging from the basics to the deluxe, we'll package up our Firmolux all-natural, imported Italian lime plasters in our most popular colors and formulatons, and ship them all to you in a sturdy cardboard box we just know you're going to want to open right away.  Use the plasters to create sample boards (which make great art to hang on your walls, by the way), practice your techniques, and sell your concepts to whomever you need to convince that authentic Venetian plaster is the way to go. Coming home after class with gorgeous sample boards is pretty cool, but recreating the finishes on your own, at home in front of admiring eye witnesses, offers certain advanatages (just saying).



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Economy Venetian Plastering Kit

Standard Venetian Plastering Kit Deluxe Venetian Plastering Kit
$150 $265 $395
$30 flat rate shipping
to continental US to continental US to continental US
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PA residents pay sales tax at checkout

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